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Together with Love, Support, and Prayer

Blessed and happy are some key words from this past week in Tucson Arizona. Blessed because I was given the opportunity to compete in 2 meets (Tucson Elite Classic on Thursday and USATF Throws Festival on Saturday) – both competitions with a strong field and some great guys. I’m happy because after 2 weeks of working hard in training and changing some small things… the outcome was great. 

Results from USATF Throws Festival


I finished Thursday’s competition in 2nd place with a throw of 77.26m (253’ 5”) and Saturday’s competition in 1st place with a throw of 81.44m (267’ 2”).




In the mist of being out there I was also able to try some great food.






The Gates Pass (Check out the video here)


Thanks to all who’ve helped me through kind words and donations. Because of your love and support, I’m able to continue my quest for Olympic gold. Your kind words fill my heart when I need that motivation on my last lap or that extra rep when I’m lifting weights.  Your donations give me peace of mind when I have to purchase all the stuff that Mississippi use to.  Every meet requires travel and hotel stay.  On average my meets range about $1000.00 depending on which state and how much is airfare.  Once again, thanks to those that have already donated. If you or a friend would like to make donations, it can be done by selecting the “Helping Curtis” tab.  Once again, having the love and support from all my family and friends makes it easier to do what I love.

Now, after such a great week, I am back at it getting ready for the Chula Vista Field Festival in California on Saturday May 29th.

Thank you and much love. 

The Journey Continues

            Time is flying by and we are less than 100 days out ‘til the Olympic Games in Tokyo. These past 2 weeks has been a great training block of fixing some throwing technical ques that we (the team and I) feel need to be worked on and we are really onto something special. After starting off the 2021 season at the University of Montevallo with a 77.02m (252-08 ft), then to Texas Relays and throwing 78.92m (258-11 ft) and a few meets to train through, I feel great about the start. We continue the journey at a meet in Gulf Shores, AL this weekend and was blessed to have the opportunity to see and compete in the new Hayward Track in Eugene, OR the following weekend.

Last time I was there was 2017 NCAA Championships and I’m excited to get a chance to be back out there.

Finish up the Month

          As we come to the end of another month, I was fortunate enough to travel with the team (USA Javelin Project) to help run a Clinic in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at LSU’s Campus. One of the things I love most about this journey is to have the ability to give back and help younger athletes take one step closer to their goals. It was nice to get out of the cold and be in 80 degree weather even with the humidity. I got to meet and help a variety of javelin throwers whom are interested and passionate to learn and Improve.

         On top of helping with the clinic, the group and I were able to get some workouts in and have a great throwing session to display to the young athletes on what we are trying to teach them in real life action. Now I head back to Alabama to continue training and hopefully have my season opener in March…

Another Year of Life

         As I enter into my 25th year of my life I sit back and appreciate all of the blessings and opportunities I have been given. I thank all that have been a part of the journey and have helped me become the person I am today. That includes each and ever one of you, for all of the continued love and support from the beginning beggingto the end. I could not be happier with having y’all for the journey. February 8th 2021 I spend my day doing something that I love and that I want which is training after work to become the best I can be. The season is almost here and I couldn’t be more ready to get back out there and to feel the chills of being back in these environments.

        The moments of being in front of so many people gives you these goosebumps, chills, and adrenaline that can be sometimes unexplainable. These same feelings start to come about just thinking about it and as I type, it is the part of competing I’m looking forward to. So stay safe, stay happy, and hope y’all stick around for the rest of this journey!


Curtis Thompson

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Born 2/8/1996  Florence NJ I been competing internationally for 8 years .  Trying to reach my Olympic dreams.  Join my in my quest.

Curtis Thompson

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