Come join me in my journey into the world of Javelin

Another Year of Life

         As I enter into my 25th year of my life I sit back and appreciate all of the blessings and opportunities I have been given. I thank all that have been a part of the journey and have helped me become the person I am today. That includes each and ever one of you, for all of the continued love and support from the beginning beggingto the end. I could not be happier with having y’all for the journey. February 8th 2021 I spend my day doing something that I love and that I want which is training after work to become the best I can be. The season is almost here and I couldn’t be more ready to get back out there and to feel the chills of being back in these environments.

        The moments of being in front of so many people gives you these goosebumps, chills, and adrenaline that can be sometimes unexplainable. These same feelings start to come about just thinking about it and as I type, it is the part of competing I’m looking forward to. So stay safe, stay happy, and hope y’all stick around for the rest of this journey!


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