Come join me in my journey into the world of Javelin

Today is travel day to the 2021 Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon. I was fortunate enough to see and compete in the new Hayward Field stadium earlier this year for The Grad Prix meet.

2021 Grad Prix meet in Eugene Oregon

I was able to get back home (Florence, New Jersey) for a great week of training and some needed family time.  If I missed you, I’m sorry… I wasn’t home long.  I’ll be back on the 10th of July

to celebrate with you all. Looking forward to it since 2020 made us change our plans.  I can always feel the love and support when I come back to town.  It’s like pulling into a gas station saying “fill her”.

So here we are back where my international career started at the wise old age of 17.  I threw in the World meet as a senior just graduating from Florence.

First USA Team I ever made

It was my first trip to Hayward Field. I remember throwing in a field where everyone seemed to have coaches to turn to and get  feedback to what they were doing wrong and instructions on how to correct it.  All I had was the usual Mom, Dad and the pride I carry in my heart hearing “Curtis Thompson from Florence, New Jersey” and I was able to make my first USA team.

Things are different now. Well I don’t have Coach April (I really miss those days), but I still feel the love from my Florence family, State family, USA Javelin Project family and you supporting me by reading my ramble as I sit in the airport with a 4 hour layover in Phoenix, ready and excited to get to Oregon today and take care of the next step of the journey this meet. I will compete Saturday (6/19/21) where each athlete is given 3 throws to try and place in the top 12.  If I place top 12 then I get to compete the final day on Monday (6/21/21). So in the meantime, I have covid testing, uniform inspection, Javelin inspection, practice and then I’ll relax and meet up with the rest of USA Javelin Project and eat good food.

2016 Olympic Trials in Eugene Oregon