Come join me in my journey into the world of Javelin

Hey everyone. I hope this New Year has been a good one so far. It is March; two good things have happened in March. March Madness and the start of Outdoor Track and Field. More important to me and most of my fellow javelin throwers, it’s time to get out there and start putting our offseason skills to work. Time to start showing up to meets and let our javelins fly.

So, what’s Curtis been up to? Still living, working, and training in Birmingham, Alabama, with the USA Javelin Project. My training group consists of five professional US javelin throwers: 4 of us living in the same house as one big happy family.   Last winter, we were fortunate enough to go to Finland to train. It was fun, informative, and successful. I think we all took away something from the venture. Personally, there are things I had to work on, and when I put them all together, everyone will be able to see my improvement. I feel stronger and quicker in my approach, and I’ve been working on my left side.         

With a solid off-season of training, I’m confident to make my first World Team. The World Championships occur in Eugene, Oregon (the first time World Championships are on US soil).

So I want to be there and represent on home turf. The 2021 season was such a success. I want to carry the momentum and continue to make America proud.

I would be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to remind you that I would not be able to continue my dream without your support. I’m forever grateful, and as I put in the work training every day, I remind myself I’m not alone.

I am still a substitute teacher and coach at Spain Park High school and work with a tree service company; no, I am not climbing any trees. All my efforts are made with two feet on the ground. I’ve been able to support myself, but I’m asking for your continued generosity.

There’s the cost of competing competitively at a high level eat the right, equipment, treatment, travel, housing, transportation, and many other expenses. The USA will cover the World Championships, but I have to make the team first. Until then, please take the time to go to the Merchandise section of the site and find something you like. If you don’t see something you want, continue to look; it changes frequently. If you have any requests, please let us know. There is a new “Events” tab on the site menu. It has my schedule for the 2022 season, so follow me on Instagram and Facebook and follow along the journey of the 2nd year of my professional career. Thank you all for taking every step with me!